Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Follow the RedBall

Native of Chicago Artist Kurt Perschke inhibits our Windy City with a mobile sculptural performance now widely known as RedBall.

The idea of the project seems to bee aimed to revive neglected city spots and turn them into architectural, artistic and social places of attraction.

Do not miss your chance to see the RedBall. You can actually follow the RedBall throughout the month of September:

1 Millennium Park

3 Spertus Institute

5 Wishbone on Washington

6 Field Museum

7 Grant Park Underpass

10 Wacker & Wabash

12 LaSalle Bridge

13 Damen & North Ave

14 Chess Pavilion

17 Union Station & Jackson

19 Hyde Park Art Center

20 ITT Campus Center

23 19 S. LaSalle

24 Federal Plaza

25 Cultural Center

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