Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Tribune Tower Possibly on Sale

Yet another historical building to be put for sale.

The Chicago Co. is likely to put Neo-Gothic Michigan Avenue home of the Chicago Tribune and Los Angeles Times' downtown Times Mirror Square complex on sale in an attempts to maximize the value of the company's assets.

Tribune Tower may be best known for the many historic stones attached in its limestone exterior. This 40-story building was completed in 1925. It was one of the first Chicago skyscrapers built north of the river.

Phil Rosenthal, Chicago Tribune media columnist, has details in his report .

This news is expected to raise heated debates among Chicagoans taken into consideration the historic value of the building, real estate market situation.

How do you, readers of Revel Chicago, see the situation?
What is your attachment to the building?
What is your first reaction?

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